Two Worlds Collide

My short holiday period seems to be themed with robots and classic motorcycles.  I have been energetically researching “modern” retro bikes like the Kawasaki W650s and Triumph Bonnevilles and the various customised incarnations.  I adore their beautiful simplicity and charm.



I have also recently watched the latest Transformers and Terminator sequels.  Despite my mixed feelings about the movies, something about futuristic robots fighting will always be entertaining to me.  Featured in this clip above is one of those strange moments when worlds collide.  It begins a little odd and low tech (like watching a Red Dwarf episode for the first time) but stay for the quite impressive ending.

I have fallen in love with these retro wonders; robot transformations not required.  These bikes are solidly built and a blank canvas for someone to tinker with to express their individual tastes.  I don’t think I’ll ever be mechanically minded enough to customise or restore a classic bike myself.  That’s why companies like Deus Ex Machina exists; to inspire and remind people about the passion of classic motorcycle design and to charge ridiculous amounts of money for the pleasure of owning one.  Being in the presence of these restored mechanical beauties would cause many motorcyclists to question – what more do we need?

Our pace of advancement leaves many feeling alienated, and even for someone like myself who embraces new technology, I yearn for simpler things that connect me to the physical world; not the one of smoke and mirrors.  These old bikes link us to an age where disposable was a strange and new word.  Resurrecting a classic bike breathes new life into our past and values lost.  However, if I were to remain true to this ethos, I would simply continue to ride my current bike and get on with my life.  I must admit that I like the smoke and mirrors (even in the guise of something old), but instead of labeling this contradiction as hypocrisy, I’ll settle for calling it a hobby… for now.  There will be no shortage of bikes, robots and robot-bikes.


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