Honda CBX250


As I was driving today I saw in my rear vision mirror, a single round headlight in a bikini fairing, and I thought it was some cafe racer.  To my surprise it was a Honda sports bike – more specifically, a Honda CBX250, nimbly weaving through the traffic.  A beautiful retro bike ridden by some young hipster.  Not much information on it out there as it was never released in the States.  Hope I get to see more of this bike around.

This picture above is just an image I found online to show you the curvy awesomeness.


3 thoughts on “Honda CBX250

  1. Hey! That’s my bike – my actual bike, it’s my photo! It was a 1986 model I bought in 1990 with 38,000km on the clock. I used it as a commuter, sports, tourer and adventure bike, and really loved it. Sold it 18 months later with 79,000km on it, in better condition than when I bought it. The picture was taken in my parents’ back yard, Wagga Wagga NSW Australia. I lived near Sydney at the time and quite often rode it the 500km each way to visit them for a weekend. It was also transport for many camping trips.

    Originally I wanted a Yamaha SRX250 which is slightly squarer/triangular/edgier in looks but otherwise the same type of bike. Couldn’t find one, then an acquaintance was selling this so I grabbed it. Glad I did!

    • Hey Colin. It’s great to hear the passion you still have for the bike. The one I originally spotted is still often parked on Alexander Pde near Melbourne CBD. I have very fond memories of my first bike too, a 2000 Honda VTR250, but I didn’t hang on to it for nearly as many kilometers as you did. I hope you are still riding and may the memory of your CBX250 live on online or wherever it is. Thanks for checking in on my blog, and thanks for providing the picture. Hope you didn’t mind.

  2. Yes, I’m still riding, not so much free time or traveling these days though, now I have a young family. Scaled back the fleet to the essentials only! :)

    As an early adopter of personal web publishing, some of my bike photos were very widely used and/or highly placed in the search engines. I don’t mind non-commercial use. I noticed the Triumph ones in particular were used by several bike database websites, unfortunately often for an incorrect year/model. Here is the original web site: (in my browser I had to scroll the navigation frame to display the menu). See “previous bikes” for the CBX250 stuff. Not much there, got bored with it once I got the skeleton done – and too busy riding! Mk II was never published despite being 90% complete, including the 1994 Triumph Tiger 900.

    I have often thought it would be nice to have a CBX250 again, but time has marched on. I don’t know what I’d do with it. I’d have to restore it as every one I’ve seen is neglected – they’re all 25 years old now – and then it’d only really be a commuter. I ride adventure and off-road these days. If I bought an older, smaller sportie road machine as a toy, it’d be a 250 two-stroke – TZR, RGV or similar. They were all the rage when I was starting to ride on the road.

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