Enfield… Royal Enfield C5



“The Bike they forgot to stop making”, as often quoted by several reviewers of this classic British/Indian motorcycle, the Royal Enfield C5 is a retro bike made to appeal to those who remember the ‘good ol days’ and those who just want something different.  What piqued my interest was the newly designed 500cc EFI engine.  I have no interest in tinkering with a broken bike, nor do I want to sacrifice performance to relive days that I was not alive in.  This new engine was completely redesigned by some smart guy from Japan and is said to be far more reliable and powerful than the previous models.  Did I mention this was several thousand dollars cheaper than a Triumph Bonneville?

I sat on one the other day at my local dealer, and being a little vertically challenged, the low single seat felt very comfortable to me and it did not have the porky weight of the Triumph Bonnevilles and Thruxtons to shift around.  As I started up the bike (via an ignition button) it rattled to life and I marveled at how primal the bike sounded, with it’s single cylinder thumping away.  I felt very comfortable in its upright seating position but still involved.  Vibrations were aplenty but this is said to subside after a few thousand kilometers on the odometer.

I am having a little identity crisis as I feel like this is a bike to own when I’m a little more grey and for now I should stick to something more sporty.  However, sitting on the Enfield, it felt alive and full of personality.  I’m going to test ride this soon and if the power and handling is of any decent quality, it may be time for a change.  It will be the black model for me, and I’d like to swap the mudguards to something a little shorter and perhaps chrome and change the tail light to lighten up the look.  Just dreaming for now, but that’s how many great things start isn’t it?

If you own this bike, drop me a line if you have a review or just let me know what you think of it.


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