Deus Iron Harley


I’ve been checking out the Harley Iron 883 since it finally arrived on Australian shores a year after it was released everywhere else.  A stunning and surprisingly well priced (for a Harley) bike that resonates with the rebel in us all.  I believe Harley has succeeded in kindling interest from non-Harley riders with this tough bobbed out sportster.  It is a far cry from some of the mobile couches that you see around.  To further enhance the desirability of the sporty sportster Deus has created this mechanical vision, a fully customised 1200 Nightster, including clip-on bars and a Yamaha SR400 tank!  Check out the full details from Pipeburn.

Update: Hellforleather has posted extra pics of the bike.  With the rider on it, the bike actually looks better, sporting a cafe racer type position.  Mixed responses from readers on the website but I like the way this Harley is being redefined.


6 thoughts on “Deus Iron Harley

    • Yes, I did know but I posted this more for my admiration of what can be done to the sportsters. The Deus bike repositions the rider to a cafe-racer position rather than making the rider look like they’re lounging on a la-z-boy, making it a more involving ride. My personal choice would still be the matte black Iron as a starting point and I prefer the cast aluminium wheels over the spokes (easier to clean). Thanks for visiting the site.

  1. looks awesome. wish more folks had this sence of style on the road. with the whole retro thing going on for the last 10 years you would think more people would gravitate towards a bike such as this. Plus its on the cheaper side of custom moto stuff.


  2. Are there anymore pictures you can post on the rear end? I really would like to see how the back end was chopped to give it the more “bobber; Cafe” look. I just bought a 2011 iron and want to do a conversion.

    • Sorry, I didn’t take these pictures. Search the site for more pics. All the best with your conversion. Would love to see a pic when done. I love the Iron 883.

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