License to Ride


Don’t know why it’s so cool but it is.  Steve McQueen’s international license.

Via Laurence O’Toole’s website dedicated to his Yamaha R5.

McQueen’s love for motorcycles is well documented.  Along with his acting career, he attained a respectable reputation in off-road motorcycle races until his acting contracts forbade him to do so.

“He never could race enough, because of his movie commitments, to earn enough points for his expert license,” Ekins explained. “He always raced as an amateur, but that was crazy since he usually finished ahead of the other amateurs and most of the experts.”

McQueen and Ekins dreamed up perhaps the most famous motorcycle jump ever filmed when shooting the movie “The Great Escape” in Germany. He called good friend Ekins over to be his stunt double to shoot the climactic motorcycle jump in which McQueen’s character was trying to escape German soldiers by motorcycle during World War II.

From Motorcycle Hall of Fame



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