Greaser Mike

It is always great when a long held question is answered.  Greaser Mike commented to one of my posts about a great photograph I found, featuring him and his custom hardtail.  He writes for three different blogs and seems to have huge involvement in the custom motorbike world, so it was very appreciated when he took the time to shed some light (pun intended) on how a photograph of him was taken by the very skilled photographer, Gregor Halenda.

Below is another image of Greaser Mike and his amazing bike that I first featured from a Hasselblad promo shoot.  Maybe I can convince him to let me do some photography for them…


One thought on “Greaser Mike

  1. Jason,

    You don’t have to post this (I couldn’t find your email on this site) but email me at

    Thanks for the props! I really only have one blog (the other two I rarely contribute to)

    If you find yourself in NYC I’d gladly let you photograph the collection.



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