Triumph update

Here’s a photo of some updates on my Bonneville.  I installed new, lower handlebars from Ventura and some bolt on Napoleon mirrors.  Now it is less mistaken for a cruiser by non bike folks and I love the slightly more forward riding position.  You can compare it to my original photo here.


4 thoughts on “Triumph update

  1. Hey sorry for “reviving” such an old post but, I’ve been looking averywhere for the bolt-on napoleons – I don’t like the weight the bar-end mirrors add to the handlebar.

    Did you buy it online ?

    Thanks !

    • Hey, I got my mirrors from ebay. I’m not sure if they still have it but check it from time to time and you might find some. The mirrors are great and don’t get in the way when riding between cars in traffic. All the best.

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