Ridiculous…? or Awesome!

Michael Wiles spotted the cast-off cooker on the nature strip where it had been left for rubbish collection and, not wanting to splurge on a new one, decided to pick it up and take it home…  The 29-year-old proceeded to thread his body through the barbecue’s frame and popped up the grate in front of his helmet before setting off along the Eastern Freeway in Kew on January 27, 2008, reaching estimated speeds of 75km/h…

But his plan came unstuck when a stunned passer-by snapped a photograph, which was subsequently published in the media and led to Wiles’s identity being revealed and a visit from the police.

In a further setback, the barbecue turned out to be “a dud”

Magistrate Lionel Winton-Smith said he had never encountered a case such as this in all his years as a magistrate.

“I have seen people with perhaps bits of wood sticking out of the car, but a barbecue?” Mr Winton-Smith said.

“I’m trying to think of a word to describe it.”

“Ridiculous?” Mr McClure suggested.

“Ridiculous. That will do,” Mr Winton-Smith said.

Via The Age


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