Osborne Triumph

So there I was, minding my own business and I stumble across this amazing two wheeled wonder.  There was so little I recognised about it except the engine.  Based on a 2001 Triumph Bonneville, bike builder Ross Osborne crafted most of the bike himself, including the extended tank, cafe seat, chain guard, rear set pegs – actually there is way too much to point out.  He simply said, any part that isn’t stock was custom made.  I especially love the pinstriping on the tank with his name “Osborne” along it.  Ross kindly agreed for me to take a few snaps of his bike.  They turned out ok considering it’s from my mobile phone.

Ross is part of a group called ROMP Design making specialised parts for the motor sport industry.  An aerospace engineer, he seemed like a very clever man with some good contacts.  He plans to make more for friends and potential customers.  I may have to pay him a visit with my 2009 EFI Bonnie one day.

Update: Check out Ross’s own blog about how he built his bike.  Some revealing insights makes you realise how much work it took to make this amazing bike.  Check it out here at supacustom.com


2 thoughts on “Osborne Triumph

    • Thanks Ross! Love the site and the write up on all the work you put into your bike. Hope to get a pair of your rearsets on my bike one day.

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