Lost things

The thing I miss about film photography is forgetting what was on that film and rediscovering the images when you finally have the photos developed.  A few months ago I went on a ride with a coupe of guys I met in the city.  I approached them because I admired their retro bikes and we ended up going for a ride a few weeks later.  Of the two guys I rode with, one had the coolest name of Marlon Slacks, who rode a cafe’d Yamaha SR400 which he blogs about.  The other was a quiet, thoughtful guy named Matt, who pottered on his largely unmodified SR500.  These are a few photos from that trip that I unearthed.  I had asked Marlon to take a few for me but unfortunately NONE  of them were in focus.  I suppose I should have specified more strongly that my old camera required manual focusing.  He did let me ride his bike though, so I’m not too upset.

Matt writes beautifully on his own motorcycling blog called Contemplative Motorcycling.  Well worth checking out as a reminder of why we ride.


One thought on “Lost things

  1. Yes matts blogg “comtemplative motorcycling’ is wonderfull, he puts you right there in the scene so to speak, i cant wait for every entry that he posts!

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