BMW R100 spotted

I took a beautiful ride through Reefton, Victoria on the weekend.  The alpine roads wound rhythmically through the silent land.  The best part of the ride was the complete absence of traffic except one oversized truck that took up most of the road, thundering towards me.  The weather was sunny and cool and the surface was dry.  One of the best rides I’ve been on for awhile.

On our way to Marysville, a town slowly recovering from the terrible fires last year, we were swiftly passed by a beautiful BMW R100RS, in impecable condition.  The elderly rider waved politely as he passed us at a roaring speed.  It was when we got to Marysville that we got to view the bike up close, which was a real treat.  There were many gorgeous bikes out that day but this late seventies bike was certainly my highlight.  I really wished I had my camera on me but I’ve been doing so much photography lately that I made an effort to leave it at home this time.

Upon my internet search on this bike I discovered how versatile and widely interpreted the BMW R100 has been.  Here are a few examples.  The first image is probably closest to the one I spotted.



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