Ducati Diavel: A quiet revelation

I finally had a close up look at the mouth watering Ducati Diavel.  It sat quietly on the front nature strip of my local Ducati dealer in Ringwood.  I really think there needs to be much more excitement about this bike.  As I stood in front of it, I looked around and wondered why there wasn’t a crowd gathering around me.  I feel like standing on the street and screaming out “Do you understand how amazing this bike is?!”.  As I sat on the bike and lifted it off it’s side stand I was amazed at how light it was and it was clear that this would be a nimble ride despite the massive rear wheel.  This bike is faster than it’s own 1198 and pretty much anything on four wheels, and some call it a cruiser!  Every bit of it oozes quality and the seating position is embarrassingly comfortable for something this mean looking.  This is a machine of pure passion and I can’t wait to test ride it.


One thought on “Ducati Diavel: A quiet revelation

  1. I have ridden it twice now and coming off a Buell, that has ample horsepower and torque as well as excellent handling and more than sufficient braking, well, it makes my XB12S feel like an old tired dirtbike! I love my Buell and will keep her until there are no longer parts made and then I will take her tired motor out and rebuild it and make the bobber I have always wanted. The Diavel is my next bike and from two test rides, I can’t wait! It goes as well as it stops and flicks just fine with it’s length and massive rear tire. Yes, it is a grin machine!

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