Far Flug hopes for Yamaha

Sometimes I wonder if motorcycle companies employ any ACTUAL designers when it comes to new bikes.  A motorcycle is so easy to make look cool but somehow a company like Yamaha, who are responsible for some very beautiful bikes, managed to release a bike like the Scorpio 225cc as if to say, “You are a new rider, you should look stupid”.  From the ugly plastic to the stickers designed to appeal to 10 year olds it is a wonder if they wanted to sell any of these bikes at all.  It’s like they skipped over the motorcyclists and asked their parents what they thought their children would like.

I’ve always wondered what it would look like if you could just rip all that stuff off and show off the bike underneath.  This bike has so much retro potential – it even comes with a kickstarter!  Well luckily Deus has already done that with their reinterpretation called the FLUG.  The basic bike is still there but now all the junk is gone and instead you have a rockin’ exhaust and standard Deus retro parts.  I actually considered the Scorpio when I first got my license as it was in my price range but I would have to permanently keep my helmet on for the shame of riding such a hideous bike.  However, this Deus custom is something I would have proudly owned, maybe if it was a little less “deusey”.

Check out their flickr site for more images of this bike.


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