Honda FTR – Cambodia

Just came back from Cambodia and bike riding in Phnom Penh is quite an experience.  There is absolutely no opportunity to gain speed as the cluttered traffic never seems to pass 60kmph.  Instead, the vehicles move as one large organism, with drivers and riders seemingly making their own paths and lanes everywhere.  It’s chaos but everyone seems to understand how it works.  Most locals rode scooters between 90cc to 125cc but the one bike that stood out for me was the Honda FTR 223.  A gorgeous stock flat tracker, not enormously powerful but perfect for dodging traffic and traversing the poorly kept Cambodian roads.  This version never came to the US nor Australia which is  a real pity.  Here are a couple that I snapped along my travels.  I can imagine it wouldn’t take too many mods to really make this bike a stunner.


4 thoughts on “Honda FTR – Cambodia

  1. Stumbled across your blogs researching the Honda FTR. I have just traveled through Laos and Cambodia and these things were everywhere! As soon as I saw them I couldn’t stop imagining the potential for customization! THere are some really good mod’s out there already!
    This is a simple and tidy example. I think the nicest touch is the dark lacquer on the engine, instead of the standard.

    Like your writing style. I too love bikes. I couldn’t explain how a bit on/in them works but they go fast and look shit hot, and that is enough for me.


  2. I think we are like-minded.. I just got back from Cambodia and this bike really stood up from the rest and kept me guessing what its type because i just can noticed the brand Honda on its tank. Now I’m doing a search online and I’m stumbled on your site. Thanks man and now I’m planning maybe to go back there and flew one home

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