“You’re gonna love it”.

I have finally made the upgrades to my 2009 Triumph Bonneville!  My main aim was to slim the bike down and give it the cafe racer look that it deserves.  I found the parts from four different suppliers in three different countries!  Gone are the stock lights, replaced with the oval cat-eyes tail light and mini bullet indicators.  The rear indicators are relocated to the shocks.  This has significantly cleaned up the rear and generally slimed down the look of the bike.  The clubman handlebars are from Royal Enfield and it has neither rise nor fall, giving me a more agressive riding position, but it is kinder to the wrists than clip-ons or other clubmans.  Lastly I found bar end mirrors from Moto-Deluxe on ebay which I have been very impressed with as they vibrate less than my Napoleon mirrors.  Overall, I am absolutely in love with the new look of the bike.

I had the parts installed by my mechanic Brett from Madbiker in addition to my regular service.  He texted me back with this message, “Your bike is ready & you’re gonna love it..”.  Right he was.

This is what it looked like before…


8 thoughts on ““You’re gonna love it”.

  1. Great look to a great bike! I’m picking up my new Bonnie today after work!! Suffice to say I’m very excited!!! I already have customizations in mind! I want to do the bars first and then maybe the seat. Is that a gel seat? That’s the only thing I wasn’t thrilled about on the Bonnie. The seat seems really tough on the arse. Great bike! Nice job on the upgrades!!

    • Thanks Mark! The seat is stock for the Bonneville Mag wheel model. I find it pretty plush after my thin Honda VTR250 seat. It has a slightly deeper scoop which I like. The Bonnie is my dream bike and I love every moment I ride it, whether cruising into the city or attacking the windy roads in the country. Have fun with the endless customisations for your new bike!

  2. Love the modified look man. Picking up my own 09 Bonnie (SE) tomorrow actually. Did you get those bars from Royal Enfield directly? I noticed NField Gear has the ‘Ace Style Handlebars’ there, but they didn’t look quite right. Don’t suppose you could provide a link? Like I said, bike looks great man — almost exactly what I’m envisioning for my own Bonnie.

    • Hey. I found the handle bars on ebay from the seller “classicspareparts_com”. All the best with your customisations.

      • I got my handlebars, now for the taillight! Do you recall where this came from? I love the low profile of the one you settled on.

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