Steampunk – Isabel

I honestly wonder why there are not more bikes like these.  Perhaps we are so used to ordering bolt on parts online that it takes a little something more to create something truly special.  Built by Noddy78 in a Steampunk aesthetic, the bike displays exquisite copper touches and 1800s styling everywhere.  You would half expect this thing to start fuming vapours from it’s sides.  The bike started out as a Honda CB350 but not much of it was left by the time he was finished.  Check out this link to see how the bike was built.  The last photo in this post shows Noddy78 in a justifiably satisfied pose.  Amazing work!


2 thoughts on “Steampunk – Isabel

    • Hey Aaron. Your link did not work but would be great to see some pics of your bike. These photos are not mine, they were found on the link in my post. You can follow the link to see more details about the build details. I do hope to produce more of my own photographs in the near future though and I will be actively looking for bike builders next year. Ironically, it is the sheer amount of photographic work I’m doing now that is preventing me from chasing these personal projects. Thanks for your comment!

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