The big move –

It is amazing to see the site’s traffic build over the last couple of years.  It started off as just a fun place to collect and share all the beautiful bikes found online but it quickly became something more. I realized I’m not the only one interested in these bikes ;-)

Through Vanishing Point Bikes I have been in touch with bike builders, travelers and bike enthusiasts from all over the world.

So, to deliver even better content to you, the Vanishing Point Bikes blog will soon move to its new home at

This should allow for greater control as I plan to deliver more original content, photos, interviews, builder’s profiles and share more of the stuff I’ve been looking at online.

The WordPress site will still run for a few months as I work on this transition, but eventually you will see changes on the new site and the WordPress site will become redundant.

It’s an exciting new phase, thanks heaps for your interest and support over the last few years and I hope that this site will keep serving you for many years more.  And don’t forget to bookmark the new web address now.


3 thoughts on “The big move –

  1. Discovered Vanishing Point through a link from another site (can’t remember which one now), but now I stop by almost daily. Love the features and photos on the site, and glad to hear you’ll be developing more original content. Good luck!

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