The story of Scooter Man

The story of Scooter Man by Damien Bradberg

Australian photographer Damien Bredberg set up this photo, entitled “Scooter Man,” for submission to the Australian Institute of Professional Photography contest. He had rented a scooter for two hours and was looking for a way to create something “special, quirky, and striking,” according to Rangefinder.
“I called upon my dad – a funny geeky character he is. But other than his odd expressions, I needed another element that was going to impress the judges or, in fact, do the opposite.

“Now, with a scooter in my possession and an oldish dude of skin and bones, the pressure was on to create. It was obvious to me that Dad had to be shirtless; (but) it was (still) missing a vital ingredient – complete nudity.

“So I requested, much to my own disgust, ‘Dad, you need to get nude!’ From there it all happened, and the image was born.”

This remarkable photo brought to Damien the title of Australian Editorial Photographer of the Year and the cover spot on a national magazine. To his dad? Maybe modeling jobs aplenty, but surely the knowledge that he had very nearly given his all for this project.

And here’s one with mum (I think)…

Via The Newark Ohio Tea Party


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