Honda CX500 Cafe Racer

I often find that many custom bikes have that Frankenstein feel as it cannibalises parts of other bikes.  However, this 1981 Honda CX500 built by Gary based in Decorah, Iowa, lovingly combines parts from many sources including a Hyosung and a Yamaha R1 to create a truly unique ride.  You can work out which bits are from where or follow this link to find out.  I’m not normally a fan of Xenon lights as it has that tacky home-made, street-fighter look but Gary has found a way to balance out the futuristic front with some classic lines, sensibly held together by the black and gold paintwork.  The kinked seat and tail has got to be my favorite part though, with the rear cowl brilliantly concealing the battery.  This bike went on sale on ebay to fund future a future project.  Looking forward to more creations from Gary!

Via Silodrome


7 thoughts on “Honda CX500 Cafe Racer

  1. My buddy just purchased this bike. We both live in the D.C. Area. Maybe we can send you some video of the bike or something…

    • Hey Erick, that would be brilliant! I’d love to see the bike in action, hear the sound it makes, and to read about how it handles as well. Thanks!

  2. I owned a 1978 Cx500 as my first bike. A superb ride (easy to do 150+ miles without stopping on that generously padded stock seat), the surprising top speeds (110+ plus – still accelerating but the speedo wouldn’t let the needle go any further), and the perplexing amounts of torque (you could easily leave a stop-light in 4th gear… which I did once while learning to ride) made for one awesome ride. I still think about that bike 20 years later. Probably the most under-appreciated bike built by Honda.

    If I ever meet the guy who nicked it I’m not leaving the encounter until I have his spleen in my grubby hands.

    Always glad to see someone turning these awesome old dogs into new rides. I’m not all that into cafe racers but this one just looks too mean to not appreciate.

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