American Gothic

I haven’t posted a photo of a sportster in awhile after buying my Bonneville, but I still haven’t lost my love for the Harley Iron 883. Here is a stylish and rugged example I found on my trawling through the internet.  I originally didn’t like the new typeface on the 2013 model as it was a little too “Son’s of Anarchy”.  I preferred the minimal san serif font that Harley originally used but I think this bike has changed my mind.  This one reminds me of a medieval armoured steed with the reintroduction of spoked wheels, hard tail and slimmed down seat beautifully complimenting the more gothic lettering.  I really do want to ride one of these one day.

If someone knows who the builder is or who took the photograph, please let me know.


5 thoughts on “American Gothic

    • You’ve gotta tell me please how you got that fender so low profile and are those the stock handlebars flipped and inverted and what did you do for the seat looks awesome.
      I own a 2011 nightstet and love the raw mad max look bare bones style you did an awesome job.

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