DP Customs

DP Customs have a way of customising their bikes that just makes you want to ride them.  Their designs have a sense of fun while retaining a deep love for the form and function of these machines.  Some of their bikes are completely customised with an array of hand made parts, while others, like the Centennial Harley Sportster (pictured below), have cleverly changed a few key sections to create a completely different ride.  Their colour schemes are often bold but stylish, creating a distinct style rarely found with other builders working with Harleys.  You can watch the video at the end of this post to see what these guys put into their builds.

You can also check out their website if you want to see more of their bikes.  My only critique is the tacky “girl on a bike” shot they have on their home page.  As a photographer, I don’t think it’s a great pose or shot, and as a bike rider I don’t need the girl to tell me that I’m looking at a great bike.  I appreciate the image of a beautiful girl on a bike as much as the next rider but I expect to see something with a little more imagination or style from these guys.  Enjoying rummaging through the magnificent machines on their gallery page.


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