ACE Honda S90 by Island Motorcycles

It’s not fast but it is beautiful.  At around 6hp the Honda S90 has been a reliable staple for many in countries like Bali and Vietnam over the last few decades.   Edy Wahono, owner of Island Motorcycles and Yves Faes-Dupont, have lovingly restored one of these bikes, polishing all the bits, respraying that pressed aluminium frame and flipping the handlebars. This would make a fantastic city commuter that is a step above your everyday moped or scooter.


7 thoughts on “ACE Honda S90 by Island Motorcycles

  1. I’m not biggest fan of this particular bike but i love the style of the handlebar grips and the subtle color difference, excellent!

  2. I am working on a similar project. Did you reuse the stock, slider style, throttle? If no, what throttle control did you use?

    • Sorry, not my bike. Just a repost. Follow the links and you may find more information. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  3. Thank you for giving Island Motorcycles the proper credit for this build, but I ask if you could please change the title as is it quite misleading. This bike was NOT built by Ace Cafe, but the title seems to indicate otherwise. We are very happy to see that your post has been picked up all over other websites, blogs, and Pinterest, but this misnomer has given rise to every other blogger assuming that this bike is built by Ace Cafe. This was the art that the customer designed. If you look closely, it is not the same as the Ace Cafe logo. Thank you for understanding.

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