SWM trail bike by Lorenzo Buratti

I don’t know much about SWM, the Italian company from the early 1980s, but even if I did, this customised version bares very little resemblance to their original bikes.  Designer and bike builder Lorenzo Buratti has pulled off most of the plastic parts and replaced it with a clever mix of leather, steel and rustic details.  The challenge of customising bikes is the degree you polish and restore versus keeping the charm of the original bike.  What I love about this bike is the assembly of parts that compliment the chipped paint and dented frame, resulting in a what looks like a really fun and functional bike to explore uncharted lands.

Here is the original bike…


2 thoughts on “SWM trail bike by Lorenzo Buratti

  1. The story of SWM is here: http://www.swm-moto.org/?p=history.php
    But in Italian ( my country).
    Founded by two friends: Pietro Sironi e Fausto Vergani.
    Fasto Vergani is a consulent in Gilera and Pietro Sironi is a off-road old champion.

    From the passion for motorcycling, Peter Sironi and Fausto Vergani, in a winter evening in front of a table, the idea arose to build a motorcycle off-road it was able to counter the supremacy of the beaten bike across the Alps.

    And the story begins… :D

    This is tha albo oh Italian championship: http://www.swm-moto.org/?p=history-albo.php
    On Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWM_(motorcycles)

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