Solo man

I had to share this from Return of the Cafe Racers’ Facebook page. Are you a one up or two up person? I have a friend who loves nothing more than to ride with his wife on the back of his Harley, while others I know would rather ride with their partners next to them on their own bike. I love the look of a cafe-racer but I guess when you bolt a solo seat on your bike, it becomes a pretty clear statement.  What you prefer?


3 thoughts on “Solo man

  1. If she’s lucky she’ll get a ride on the back when I’m in the mood. But for getting back to my roots, single riding is the way forward. Having said that if the chick in the photo waved me down I’d be quick to whip out the Acme Folding Tandem Seat Conversion add on I’ve always thought would be a good accessory to carry under my solo.
    Great share thanks!

  2. Now this is the perfect time to prove that owning 2 Bikes is the way to go! Everyone digs riding alone but… there is a time when having a nice “PAIR” in your back is a very comforting feeling! As far as the Chick in the picture goes, if she needed a ride I’m sure that everyone would consider her sitting in front and faceing you???

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