Island Classic 2013 – Race

A photojournalist friend of mine lent me his lovely Canon 1d Mark IV and a 300mm f2.8 lens to play with on this day at the Phillip Island race track. It was a steep learning curve as I’m more a portrait shooter rather than a sport shooter, however, I did come back with some images I was quite happy with. The Sidecar races were a real surprise for me as to how much I enjoyed photographing the riders hanging on with their helmets nearly scraping the ground. Hope you find something you like too.

Click on the images for a larger, sharper view.

ClassicBikes2013-025 ClassicBikes2013-026 ClassicBikes2013-027 ClassicBikes2013-028 ClassicBikes2013-029 ClassicBikes2013-030 ClassicBikes2013-031 ClassicBikes2013-032 ClassicBikes2013-033 ClassicBikes2013-035 ClassicBikes2013-036 ClassicBikes2013-037 ClassicBikes2013-038 ClassicBikes2013-039 ClassicBikes2013-040


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