About Vanishing Point


Jason Lau, Melbourne, Australia.

Follow this blog at www.vanishingpointbikes.com

Contact me at jasonlauphotography@gmail.com

This site is dedicated to retro bikes, and the art and culture related to this.  Some photographs are taken by me while most images and clips are found on my trawling through the internet.  I am an art teacher, photographer and bike enthusiast.  I am not a bike expert, I just love the look of them!  For some of my photographic work, check out my site…




13 thoughts on “About Vanishing Point

  1. Jason, love your blog. However the bike picture above the “Vanishing Point” title doesn’t appear to be resolving correctly as it only shows the bottom half of the bike from the bottom of the gas tank down.

    • Thanks, this blog is a labour of love:) Actually, the cropped image of the bike was intentional. I just liked the white exhaust pipes.

  2. I just happened to stumble across this site and it has some of the coolest bikes I have seen in ages. I enjoy doing things that tend to go “Against the grain” so to speak and not be a main-streamer. I am currently trying to work on 2 bikes of my own as I have time, When I get close to completion I’ll send a couple of shots. My thought are my projects don’t have to be complicated, just different. Keep the cool stuff coming!

  3. I love your site Thanks for putting it out there. I’m a long time motorcycle enthusiast and just got into photography to try and slow myself down a little. And I have a beautiful very one-off cafe racer I’d love to send you a pic or two of for your cafe section of that’s okay. You might like it.
    Thank and I’ll keep popping in as you’ve inspired me.

    • Would love to have a look at your bike Eric. Thanks for the kind feedback. I take a lot of joy in putting the content together.

  4. Hi Jason, really nice blog you are running, i am a follower! I am trying to set up a business building bikes with about the sam preferences that you have so I thought i´d show you my stuff, who knows you might like it! Two bikes ready as it is right now. I do not expect you to publish but a little feedback from someone with interest in motorcycle design would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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