Ornamental Connifer

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So digging the work of Nicolai Sclater Connifer, aka Ornamental Connifer. His simple, bright, geometric designs and lettering transcend the typical style street art, bringing his unique take on Pop-art.


Ellery photoshoot with Blitz

I love fashion photography, largely because it has the potential to encompass almost any topic or interest. This fashion shoot for Ellery features the beautiful Blitz BMW R60 ‘Great Escape’. The industrial black form of the German bike gives the Baroque surroundings a sense of gravitas and menace, an extension of the rebel image expressed with greater elegance. It’s great to see a model like Ashley Smith pose with a motorcycle without resorting to lad’s mag antics. The trouble is, I can’t take my eyes of that beautiful bike.

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Modern Motorcycle Company

Here is a gorgeous poster series from Modern Motorcycle Company in Collingwood, near Melbourne’s CBD.  These two toned images are screen printed locally and produced in limited editions.  The blue and red colours of these vintage images are a nice touch, moving away from nostalgia to present the idea that these machines were creations of innovation.  Check them out in their ebay store while stocks last.


It’s important to remember that a bike is more than an engine on two wheels.  These photos from Brass Balls Flickr site really highlights the slick bobber frame and groovy tank design.  The bike is called the Rocketeer.  Looks like a fun ride just rolling it down a hill!