Batpod in real life

I know I’m posting this video a little late but I was watching the Dark Knight tonight and thought about how they actually got the Batpod (Batman’s motorcycle) to work. Well, here it is…


Honda CL350 Caferacers

So I just got around to watching Girl with the Dragan Tattoo (U.S. version) and it featured a cafe’d, scrambler styled Honda CL 350 ridden by the character Mara.  For a small bike, it had a lot of presence, prowling through the icy Scandinavian landscape; with it’s rough and minimalistic styling.  The bike was built by GLORY Motor Work and they actually built 3 identical models for the movie. I’m not going to go on too much about this as there are plenty of articles regarding the movie and the bike. I scanned around the internet to see what other variations of these bikes are out there.  To save you the trouble, here are a few fine specimens… after the best known one of course.

Mickey’s Harley

When I was a kid, I watched this little known movie called “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man“. I was drawn to the movie starring two characters named after iconic American products. Mickey Rourke was Harley Davidson and he looked good on that bike. After watching the movie all I wanted was to wear a leathery motorcycle jacket and to walk around being all manly. Mr Miami Vice starred as the Marlboro man but I didn’t seem to have the same compulsion to light up a smoke.

Fast forward a few decades – Mickey has had some cosmetic work done, and so has his bike.  Roland Sands Design has custom built a Harley Sportster for Rourke with super torque, and cafe racer styling.  Gone is the dented chrome tank, replaced by a slick black, white and gold finish and clip on handlebars.  Perhaps Harley Davidson might consider moving with the times and come up with something like this themselves.  There will always be room for icons and classics but it wouldn’t hurt for Harley to get some inspiration from some contemporary sources as well.  Anyway, check out the beautiful RSD Harley below.

Via Silodrome

Belstaff Mojave

At the moment I’m really diggin’ the Belstaff Mojave wax cotton jacket. Not the cheapest, but it has great lines and a classic cut. The wax cotton combination makes the jacket waterproof while the removable armour makes it just a cool jacket as well. Made in England, this jacket oozes quality and is a nice change to the typical studded bikie jacket.

The Belstaff folk are quick to point out that Steve McQueen was known to wear their jackets during his races. The company also worked with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman to design their jackets for their Long Way Down trip through Africa.

I may have to start saving for this.