The One Motorcycle Show 2013

The One Motorcycle Show was held in Portland, Oregon earlier this year. It’s interesting seeing the evolution of the cafe racer culture on this video, with one builder lamenting about the same old flat seat, firestone tyres used on custom bikes. The idea of evolving a cafe racer design is a little bit of an oxymoron as it is essentially a homage to a past era, but perhaps this is how this industry will mature as we beging to develop our own aesthetic style, drawing from what was to what it could be. I would have loved to have been there for the show. Maybe next year.

The One Show 2013 from Instrument on Vimeo.


Shanghai Sidecars

Photographer Aurelien Chauvaud has created a fascinating series featuring sidecar riders from Shanghai. The repetition of the central composition creates a strong relationship between the riders, suggesting more of a movement than a passing fad. Check out more photographs from this series on his website.

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Island Classic 2013

The Phillip Island Classic Bike race has been and gone for another year featuring some very tasty retro and classic race bikes. It was a privilege strolling through the pit lanes chatting to enthusiastic builders and riders who welcomed questions about their bikes and races. Here are some images I took that represent some highlights of what was there. I also tried to capture more images of the riders this year as they were often as interesting and colourful as the bikes they rode. All rights reserved on these images. More images of the actual races to come!ClassicBikes2013-001 ClassicBikes2013-002 ClassicBikes2013-003 ClassicBikes2013-004 ClassicBikes2013-005 ClassicBikes2013-006 ClassicBikes2013-007 ClassicBikes2013-008 ClassicBikes2013-009 ClassicBikes2013-010 ClassicBikes2013-011 ClassicBikes2013-012 ClassicBikes2013-013 ClassicBikes2013-014 ClassicBikes2013-015 ClassicBikes2013-016 ClassicBikes2013-017 ClassicBikes2013-018 ClassicBikes2013-019 ClassicBikes2013-020 ClassicBikes2013-021 ClassicBikes2013-022 ClassicBikes2013-023 ClassicBikes2013-024

Mods vs Rockers

A great gathering was organised last Sunday to bring together custom bikes and scooters in a massive ride ending up at Kustom Lane Gallery in Hawthorn. A few of the bikes there were featured in the Oil Stained Brain exhibition from the previous week but there were also plenty of other gorgeous two wheeled machines to enjoy.  The people there were generally very inviting and willing to chat about their customised rides while others enjoyed the entertainment and sunshine.

I decided to edit these photos in black and white as it was like stepping into a different time in history as you entered the closed off lane; literally full of classic Nortons, Ducatis, BSAs and much much more.  Check out the images below.

Bonneville Speed Week 2012

Bonneville Speed Week has just wrapped up and while the riders are busy brushing the salt off their tyres Geoff from Return of the Cafe Racers has been busy sourcing images from the various bike builders and racers.  Bikes featured include works from Shinya Kamura, Low Brow Customs, MegaDeluxe and the Impossible Team.  I’ve included a sample for your perusal but can see more at this link.



Belstaff Mojave

At the moment I’m really diggin’ the Belstaff Mojave wax cotton jacket. Not the cheapest, but it has great lines and a classic cut. The wax cotton combination makes the jacket waterproof while the removable armour makes it just a cool jacket as well. Made in England, this jacket oozes quality and is a nice change to the typical studded bikie jacket.

The Belstaff folk are quick to point out that Steve McQueen was known to wear their jackets during his races. The company also worked with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman to design their jackets for their Long Way Down trip through Africa.

I may have to start saving for this.