Walt Siegl Carbon Fibre Leggero

I had to remind myself to breathe while eyeing all the beautiful details of this bike built by Walt Siegl. Part of his Ducati Leggero project, this carbon fibre clad beauty might be the best one yet.1116206_483377171756814_1009916337_oVia Iron&Air


Mods vs Rockers

A great gathering was organised last Sunday to bring together custom bikes and scooters in a massive ride ending up at Kustom Lane Gallery in Hawthorn. A few of the bikes there were featured in the Oil Stained Brain exhibition from the previous week but there were also plenty of other gorgeous two wheeled machines to enjoy.  The people there were generally very inviting and willing to chat about their customised rides while others enjoyed the entertainment and sunshine.

I decided to edit these photos in black and white as it was like stepping into a different time in history as you entered the closed off lane; literally full of classic Nortons, Ducatis, BSAs and much much more.  Check out the images below.

Ducati Diavel: A quiet revelation

I finally had a close up look at the mouth watering Ducati Diavel.  It sat quietly on the front nature strip of my local Ducati dealer in Ringwood.  I really think there needs to be much more excitement about this bike.  As I stood in front of it, I looked around and wondered why there wasn’t a crowd gathering around me.  I feel like standing on the street and screaming out “Do you understand how amazing this bike is?!”.  As I sat on the bike and lifted it off it’s side stand I was amazed at how light it was and it was clear that this would be a nimble ride despite the massive rear wheel.  This bike is faster than it’s own 1198 and pretty much anything on four wheels, and some call it a cruiser!  Every bit of it oozes quality and the seating position is embarrassingly comfortable for something this mean looking.  This is a machine of pure passion and I can’t wait to test ride it.

Broadford Bike Bonanza 2010

My first time at the Broadford Bike Bonanza and my last ride on my Honda VTR 250 before I trade up to my 09 Triumph Bonneville SE.  There was a fantastic display of cafe racers and classic bikes, and not just for show as the owners had the opportunity to race them on the track.  Here are some of the highlights for me.  Wish the pics could be better but I only had my mobile phone camera on me.  A great day and a fitting farewell for my little Honda.

Red bikes

10_aermacchi_chimera_250.jpg (1000x671) 71_ducati_mh_900_evoluzione.jpg (1000x671)

Red bikes are nice…  Left, 1960 Aermacchi Chimera, Right, Ducati MH900 made around 2000.  The first one what I like to call a future-retro bike, like it belongs in the Jetsons.  The latter bike, an absolute beast with a phenomenal exhaust sound.  Check out the clip below to hear the roar.  I love how the retro style can be interpreted in so many ways, and how good design doesn’t seem to become outdated, at least to me anyway.