Moto-Matic Mopeds

Mopeds have always been quaint rather than exciting to me.  That was until I stumbled upon Motomatic Mopeds.  This is a great story of how one guy challenged another guy to build a cafe-racer styled moped and their work steadily grew to become their own bike building business.  Their mopeds are a combination of ingenious custom frames, new motors and beautiful styling.  These are not modified bikes, these are all new creations!  Because they are original custom bikes, they don’t come cheap and the potential market very small.  Just when this great idea might disappear into oblivion, Japanese company Saporo calls and orders 25 custom machines.  Watch their video as they take you through their workshop and the surprising joy of riding these bikes.

There were so many beautiful photographs on their website, I decided to make it into a slideshow to save you scrolling down the page.  There are even more on their site!