Triumph Bonneville SE 2013 – Special Edition

New seat, new matte paint, new lights, grab rail… this is going to be a good year.



Island Classic 2013 – Race

A photojournalist friend of mine lent me his lovely Canon 1d Mark IV and a 300mm f2.8 lens to play with on this day at the Phillip Island race track. It was a steep learning curve as I’m more a portrait shooter rather than a sport shooter, however, I did come back with some images I was quite happy with. The Sidecar races were a real surprise for me as to how much I enjoyed photographing the riders hanging on with their helmets nearly scraping the ground. Hope you find something you like too.

Click on the images for a larger, sharper view.

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Island Classic 2013

The Phillip Island Classic Bike race has been and gone for another year featuring some very tasty retro and classic race bikes. It was a privilege strolling through the pit lanes chatting to enthusiastic builders and riders who welcomed questions about their bikes and races. Here are some images I took that represent some highlights of what was there. I also tried to capture more images of the riders this year as they were often as interesting and colourful as the bikes they rode. All rights reserved on these images. More images of the actual races to come!ClassicBikes2013-001 ClassicBikes2013-002 ClassicBikes2013-003 ClassicBikes2013-004 ClassicBikes2013-005 ClassicBikes2013-006 ClassicBikes2013-007 ClassicBikes2013-008 ClassicBikes2013-009 ClassicBikes2013-010 ClassicBikes2013-011 ClassicBikes2013-012 ClassicBikes2013-013 ClassicBikes2013-014 ClassicBikes2013-015 ClassicBikes2013-016 ClassicBikes2013-017 ClassicBikes2013-018 ClassicBikes2013-019 ClassicBikes2013-020 ClassicBikes2013-021 ClassicBikes2013-022 ClassicBikes2013-023 ClassicBikes2013-024