Self Portrait



Thought I’d take a photo of my own bike for once. Triumph Bonneville SE 2009.

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Rivale – Triumph Bonneville

The thing that attracted me to buy at Triumph Bonneville was the fact that whether new or old, it would possess a beauty throughout it’s age.  I can image that when the tank has had a few dents and the polish has worn off the chrome, I would just embrace it’s aged look as Roberto Rossi has done with this model called Rivale.  Built from a 2003 T100, the cheeky “New / Old” decals on each side plays off the ambiguity of its age.  The worn leather seat, scrambler styled pipes and detachable saddle bag signifying that it is ready to travel anywhere, anytime.

Via Moto Rivista

My New Bike

Got my dream bike!  Triumph Bonneville SE 2009 model.  Used but still under warranty!  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  As I stare at it in my garage, I can’t believe I actually own one – such a beautiful machine.

The best way to describe the ride is… easy.  The engine barely feels like it’s ever struggling which belies the power it delivers.  Steering is quick and riding is confidence inspiring.  Coming from my Honda VTR 250 it certainly feels like a bigger bike but everything is in easy reach and the weight is incredibly well balanced.  Just like many riders out there, I wish the pipes made a bit more noise and I wouldn’t mind the handlebars being a little further forward.  Already bought some Napoleon bolt on mirrors to replace the lolly pop mirrors.

MCN recently compared it to the “new” Norton Commando and found that in the low end the Bonnie was actually quicker despite costing three times less.  Can’t wait to take it on a big ride and enjoy all it’s retro goodness.