Lotus C-01

If there is one company that can create lustworthy vehicles it is Lotus. Their first foray into motorcycles is not different. It has a 200 HP V-Twin engine inside but I can also see this be translated into an electric bike design without much change; which suits it’s futuristic look. Often these concepts don’t see the light of day but Lotus is planning to release 100 units with a huge range of customisation. I can’t wait!

Lotus Motorcyles C-01 het5egq1uef7oivriyne Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01Lotus Motorcyles C-01Via Gizmodo.


Batpod in real life

I know I’m posting this video a little late but I was watching the Dark Knight tonight and thought about how they actually got the Batpod (Batman’s motorcycle) to work. Well, here it is…

The One Motorcycle Show 2013

The One Motorcycle Show was held in Portland, Oregon earlier this year. It’s interesting seeing the evolution of the cafe racer culture on this video, with one builder lamenting about the same old flat seat, firestone tyres used on custom bikes. The idea of evolving a cafe racer design is a little bit of an oxymoron as it is essentially a homage to a past era, but perhaps this is how this industry will mature as we beging to develop our own aesthetic style, drawing from what was to what it could be. I would have loved to have been there for the show. Maybe next year.

The One Show 2013 from Instrument on Vimeo.

Moto Undone

Motorcycles are visually exciting, with aggressive styling and raw mechanical presence – something to be shown off.  Joey Ruiter has other ideas…

At jruiter I.D. we want to re-set the definition of a motorbike stripping away historical attributes that make them so great. It’s hard to image a motorcycle without fancy paint, overpowered motors, exposed mechanical genius, and sweet exhaust tones.

Moto undone is pure generic transportation and by motorbike category definition it isn’t very cool.

There motorbike references are small and when someone is riding they are all you see. The bike almost disappears. The rider just floats along the streets silently.

Powered by a 1000w 48v electric hub motor, moto undone has a range of 90 miles or about 3 hours. All gauges and riding information, like speed and gps, is displayed through smart phones by downloadable apps.

via Neatorama

Harley Davidson… Scooters!

The “Topper”, powered by a 165cc two-stroke engine, was marketed as a recreational and utility vehicle, useful for fun excursions and package delivery. It even came with a sidecar option for people or cargo. The line never took off, though, and Harley-Davidson ended the experiment in 1965.

via Neatorama

Can’t quite picture the Harley riders with their sleeveless leather vests and fingerless gloves riding through middle America on this one.

Yamaha MT-OS

I can’t believe I haven’t picked up on this one before.  Yamaha concept bike, the MT-OS, based on the already very cool but not very popular MT-O1.  Pity this concept never went to production.  I can’t believe no one out there wants this bike badly enough to get it out there.  Maybe there’s a conversion kit somewhere for those with enough cash.