Ornamental Connifer

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So digging the work of Nicolai Sclater Connifer, aka Ornamental Connifer. His simple, bright, geometric designs and lettering transcend the typical style street art, bringing his unique take on Pop-art.


How to Ride Bitch

I have to admit, without a grab rail I don’t really know where I’d put my hands if riding pillion with another guy. Luckily, this video has the answers. Look for Meerkat style!

Dust Hustle

Dust Hustle from Ellaspede on Vimeo.

From Ellaspeed

Dust Hustle was Ellaspede’s day on the dirt for anyone to roll out and ride whatever rig they could throw a leg over! Inspired by the famous ‘Dirt Quake’ event made popular by our friends at Sideburn Magazine, this is a flat track fun day open to all the weird, wonderful and woefully unsuitable motorcycles that could possibly be ridden on the dirt.

Looks like a rad day. Would have loved to hear the buzz of those engines though.

Lotus C-01

If there is one company that can create lustworthy vehicles it is Lotus. Their first foray into motorcycles is not different. It has a 200 HP V-Twin engine inside but I can also see this be translated into an electric bike design without much change; which suits it’s futuristic look. Often these concepts don’t see the light of day but Lotus is planning to release 100 units with a huge range of customisation. I can’t wait!

Lotus Motorcyles C-01 het5egq1uef7oivriyne Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01Lotus Motorcyles C-01Via Gizmodo.